Fundraising essentials: planning for fundraising success

Wednesday 14 June 2023 | 10am to 2pm | Community House, 311 Fore Street, Enfield N9 0PZ

How can you make sure your organisation is ready to fundraise? What goes into making a really good funding bid? This course provides the tools and ideas you need to plan for fundraising success.

This in-person interactive course will enable you to: 

  • Gain insights into different forms of fundraising and their pros and cons
  • Understand how you can significantly increase your chances of fundraising success through effective research and planning
  • Increase your knowledge of how funders typically assess your organisation and your funding bids
  • Learn how you can develop a strong case for support for your fundraising 
  • Understand how to plan and communicate your project ideas in compelling funding bids
  • Understand how to build on funder relationships for future success.
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