Enfield Local Fund | apply to join the grants panel

Enfield Voluntary Action has been awarded a total of £169,000 to distribute in Enfield Local Fund grants.

Decisions on how the money is allocated will be made by an independent grants panel.

How does the grants panel work?

The ELF grants panel will made up of representatives from the voluntary and community sector in Enfield and from the funder organisations. The panel will consider all eligible proposals and decide whether they can be funded.

Members of the panel may be drawn from local voluntary and community groups that apply to take part. They will be required to withdraw from the panel if any proposal from their own group or any other organisation with which they are associated is being discussed.

All panel members will receive training from an independent trainer, covering criteria and fair assessment.

EVA staff and trustees will not take part in making any funding decisions, but both the chief executive and the admin and finance officer will attend the meeting in an advisory capacity and to record the panel’s decisions.

All members of the panel will be required to agree confidentiality and conflict of interest statements.

If you would like to be part of the grants panel for the Enfield Local Fund, please fill in and submit the form below.

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