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EVANEWS brings you news about the latest funding opportunities, training and events, and much more. It is the regular monthly email bulletin we send to our contacts in the local voluntary sector.

You can register with us here. Just tick the box marked “I want to receive the EVANEWS monthly bulletin” and then click Submit.

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Specialist networks

You can also join EVA’s networks, which bring together voluntary groups and individual staff or volunteers with shared interests or areas of work. Our networks meet every two or three months and members receive a network mailing with meeting details, along with specialised training and funding opportunities. 

You can join any network or interest group you like – you don’t have to have a particular role or come from a specialist organisation.

For example, you don’t need to be from a mental health organisation to join the Mental Health Network – we know lots of Enfield community and voluntary groups do great work that touches on mental health or wellbeing.

Join the networks you want by ticking additional boxes before you click Submit.

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