Returnable deposit

Sometimes we ask individuals or organisations to pay a returnable deposit to secure their booking on a training course or at another EVA event.

This may happen if a course or event is oversubscribed or if there have previously been issues with people booking places but not turning up on the day.

We often have a waiting list for courses or events, so it important that anyone who books but cannot attend lets us know so we can offer the opportunity to another individual or group.

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Returnable deposit

You have been asked to pay a returnable deposit to secure your place at an EVA training course or event.

You will not receive confirmation that your place has been booked unless we have received your £25 deposit.

We ask for a deposit to ensure that people who book to attend EVA events turn up on the day, or let us know if they can’t attend so that we can give the place to someone else. We often have waiting lists for training courses and events, so this is important.

Organisations that reserve places and then don’t turn up are depriving other local groups of the opportunity. Our deposit system is aimed at making sure everyone takes their responsibilities seriously.

If you can’t attend the course or event you have booked for, you must let us knowby email or by phone on 020 8373 6268.

If you fail to turn up to your training course or event on the day, and have not let us know beforehand, EVA will keep your deposit money. 

Deposit money for all those who attend their booked courses or events will be returned after the event.

Price: £25.00

You can use the form above to pay by debit card, credit card or using a PayPal account. If you are unable to use these payment methods and need to pay by bank transfer, please COMPLETE THE REST OF THE FORM then email for payment details.

Please confirm you have paid your deposit. You will not be able to reserve a place unless the deposit has been paid.

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