Terms and Conditions

Online meetings and events have been introduced by EVA in response to the coronavirus / Covid19 crisis. We are learning more about this new technology as we get more experience. These terms and conditions may change. If you agree to these terms and conditions and they change before the online meeting you have booked we will let you know.

EVA understands that attending online meetings or events may be a new experience for you, as it is for us.
If you are unsure how to download the software required please email admin@enfieldva.org.uk giving your phone number and telling us the problem you are having, and we will call to talk you through the process.

We are very conscious of all participants’ safety during online meetings. Joining our meetings is by invitation only once you have submitted our booking form. You must not share the invite details or links with anyone else, including other people in your organisation. If someone else in your organisation wants to attend in your place they must submit a new booking form.

We limit places to ensure effective meetings and will open waiting lists if more people apply than we can accommodate. If you book to attend an online meeting and do not join it we may not be able to invite you again. If you are unable to attend you must let us know.

Meetings will be recorded so that those who did not secure a place will still be able to listen at a later date, and so we can listen again to answer questions and feedback. Video and audio can be enabled by you during an online meeting. You can turn video off if you prefer to join the meeting by audio only.

A member of staff at EVA or speaker / trainer invited by EVA will be the facilitator at all our online meetings and events and will select who can speak. When anyone has been selected to speak, everybody except the speaker will be muted to eliminate background noise. On the platforms we use, there are options to raise your hand virtually if you want to speak or ask a question.

All participants will be unmuted during pre-meeting chat, and during feedback at the end. Participants are asked to respect the usual rules of conversation – to listen to others, to be respectful to others, and to refrain from inflammatory or excluding language and swearing.

There are Hand-Clapping and Thumbs-Up options on the platforms we use. Please feel free to use these during the meeting if you wish to applaud or express your agreement with something you hear.

If you want to ask a question during a presentation or experience technical difficulties during the meeting, please use the Chat button (found in different places on different devices, but not hard to find) or, if you lose contact altogether, email the facilitator to let them know.

Hot drinks and snacks are available in your kitchen! Please feel free to come and go during meetings to ensure you are comfortable.

Priority booking will be applied for organisations that provide at least 80% of their services to Enfield residents.

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