Become a volunteer

Would you like to volunteer your time and help your local community? We can help you volunteer in Enfield.

Here are some easy ways to get involved…

Here are some more steps to help you find the right volunteering opportunity

1) Volunteering opportunities

Check out our latest volunteering opportunities – there are lots of different roles to choose from.

2) Register your interest in volunteering

Just fill in the form at the bottom of this page. This will help us find and suggest volunteering opportunities that may suit you. We will also send you our latest volunteering opportunities booklet every three months.

You do not have to take any volunteering opportunity unless you want to. We will not share your information with any third parties.

3) Not sure? Find out more

If you are interested in volunteering but you have questions about how it works, what you will gain from the experience and what sort of commitment is involved, it is easy to find out more at our regular Introduction to Volunteering workshops These are completely FREE to Enfield residents.

Maybe you would like more detailed information about your own situation and how you could get involved or you are not feeling very confident?

We offer FREE and CONFIDENTIAL one-to-one advice sessions to help you find out more and get involved.

Register as a volunteer in Enfield
Please fill in this form to tell us a bit about yourself and the sort of volunteering opportunity you are looking for. If you can’t complete the form all at once, you can start filling it in, then save it to complete later. Make sure you have entered your email address and scroll to the bottom of the form to the SAVE button.
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Diversity information

The next section contains personal information which we use only to monitor how we deliver services to local people across Enfield’s diverse community.

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